Monday, January 26, 2009

Home of the hippies...

I'm in Berkeley for work this week, and while it is not as hippie-tastic as anticipated, it's still a pretty groovy place to be. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I just haven't been to the really hippie parts of town yet. :)

What I'm really loving, though, is my "commute" for the week. Yes, it's pretty much all uphill from my hotel to the library. But as I wandered my way across campus today, and kept going upward, I suddenly realized that I had been on a long, straight walkway for quite some time. I paused for a moment to glance behind me, knowing what I know of "viewing corridors" from UW, and was rewarded with a breathtaking view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, I will be taking my camera with me tomorrow, as the iPhone was sure to not do it much justice. :)

The other plus side of this "commute" is that it's downhill the whole way home in the evening. :) And I'm now mostly sure how to get to the cafe where I had lunch today, which seems to be the nearest and best option for lunch. Dinner is infinitely more varied, especially when I randomly stumble across a Japanese place that has super good gyoza. :)

(As an aside, I now understand why they had to reshoot the scene in Firefly where Mal eats a tomato slice with chopsticks about a million times. Tomatoes are slippery. :) )

Anyway, I'm here all week, and no hopes of getting to go home early. At least it's sunny, even if it is a bit chilly thus far. It should be into the 60s by Wednesday though, and at least it doesn't seem to be dropping below freezing at all.

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