Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, I had a good weekend overall, but today is rather ugh.

Friday was Aine's birthday, and so we went to dinner with her and a ton of other folks at Marrakesh, which was pretty good. I actually preferred all of the other courses to my main course, but that might have just been a poor choice on the main course on my part.

Saturday, we got up early to walk around Green Lake, and then headed back to Jeremy's to watch movies. Normally it would have been an Exalted day, but the ST for that game was sick, so we actually had a free Saturday. Of course, then I started coming down with a cold, so it worked out alright that we didn't have anywhere to go. So we watched 3 or 4 movies, I cooked dinner, and went to bed early. All in all, a rather nice Valentine's Day.

Woke up on Sunday feeling a bit worse, so I slept late and tried to get to feeling well enough to help out with the kids' game. I managed to succeed, though I was feeling pretty out of it at times. I had discovered on Saturday, while Jeremy was reading some of the Great Book of Amber to me, that my brain glosses over combat entirely. Since the kids' game had a higher than normal percentage of combat, it's no real wonder that I was spacing out throughout the game. But it was still a blast, especially when I was getting EVERY plot hint that Jeremy was tossing out, while the kids ran off on random tangents. This is apparently par for the course. :)

I'm finding that I rather enjoy the co-GMing idea, though. Granted, I'm mostly only contributing little things to the plot, scooping up random unplanned NPCs, and other little helpful tasks. I've only really worked with co-GMing in LARPS prior to this, but the benefit of two table top STs with a slightly large group (there were 6 players for one session, so not HUGE, but slightly large) is apparent. Now, if I only knew the cosmology of the system a little better, I'd be set. :)

Oh, and today is ugh because the cold isn't gone yet. Everyone I know has been sick for the past week or so. I thought I was getting out of this plague easy. Not so much.

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