Thursday, March 05, 2009


So one of the people I've friended on Facebook is Kaity, who is married to Ben. Ben is Nathaniel's younger brother, sometimes referred to as my "other brother." Nathaniel is married to my sister Sarah. (Everyone still following? :) )

Anyway, Kaity posted this morning that she would be an aunt (again) tomorrow, which is when they were planning to induce Sarah so that she will have her second baby. A couple hours later, Kaity posted again to say that she'd be an aunt (again) TODAY! I haven't heard anything further from that source, but I called my mom about 20 minutes ago to wish her a happy birthday, and could tell from the sound quality that she was driving. She's en route to Kansas City for when the bebe gets here! :)

I have to say that my family is AWESOME on the timing. Darci-Anna and Sarah's birthdays are the same day as my grandpa's was. Assuming that my sister does give birth today, the new bebe will be born on my mom's birthday. Do you know how much easier it is to remember everyone's birthday when they're on the SAME DAY?! :) My family also has a tendency to cluster our birthdays in the spring. Mom, Peter, new bebe, and I all have March birthdays, and Sarah, Nathaniel, Ben, and Darci-Anna all have April birthdays. Which reminds me... must shop. :)

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