Friday, March 06, 2009

Bebe! And tea!

So right on schedule, Sarah had her bebe, and I have a new niece. This came as a surprise to everyone (the niece part, not the bebe part). Sarah was sure that she was going to have a boy, because she said she was carrying this baby just like she had carried Peter. I am thinking maybe she just has a way that she carries her babies. :)

So yeah, I am the proud aunt of Lila Therese Hagedorn, who does, in fact, share a birthday with my mom. YAY! :) I have not seen any pictures yet, but Kaity promised that she'd try to get some tonight. :)

In other news, tea! Oh my goodness, tea! Jeremy and I went to a tea party at his friends' house a couple weeks ago, which was not what you think of when you hear the words tea party. No, it was a bunch of geeks drinking tea. It was awesome. :) Anyway, a lot of the folks who brought tea had the cutest little pale green tins, and were having to write their initials on the bottom of their tins, so as to not get them mixed up. And these teas were particularly nummy. So I decided I needed some cute little pale green tins (which came from Adagio) as well.

And now I have a LOT. I got 16 different types of tea in the mail today. :) 13 of them are the cute little tins, and I bought more of two that I knew I would like, and a mid-sized container of a custom blend by one of the girls from the party. Because seriously. Candied Apple Rooibos?! I am so there. :)

The only downside to the tea is that I ordered a tea ball separately, as I have never had reason to own one previously (yes, I'm one of those heathens who has been drinking crap tea all my life). The tea ball has not arrived yet. So I'm stuck with all these cute little pale green tins and all I can do is try to NOT open every single one to smell them. :)

(I only opened one to smell it so far, and that's because it was a free sample that they included. Sadly, I probably shouldn't drink the free sample. I knew from the moment I got a whiff of it that it involved chai tea, and I can't have caffiene. :( )

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