Monday, March 09, 2009


It's Monday, but it feels like I'm due another weekend already. The weekend wasn't entirely non-stop, but it was enough so that I still could use another few days to feel like I'm well rested.

Stayed in on Friday night and got some crocheting done, which I continued on Saturday. Now if I only had managed to take some pictures, I'd be getting somewhere... :) Saturday night I was also at home, but did silly things like laundry and playing Rock Band 2. That is actually what most of my Saturday nights look like when Jeremy is at D&D. :)

Sunday was another One Hit Wonder game, this time Mutants and Masterminds, run by Jeremy. We had to make our characters in advance, because character creation is difficult. Then on Sunday morning, I realized something neat that I could do with my character, but it involved building a second character. Luckily, I just tweaked one of the book templates, but even the tweaking took longer than I wanted it to. The game was fun, though the rules did tend to bog things down. And the three of us playing really didn't make particularly compatible super heroes, as Craig and I were totally fine with just letting things go, while Thaddeus was more of the true hero type. :) Still, the game was fun, and I didn't get too much crap for not reading superhero comics. :)

Oh, also on Saturday, Jeremy made the mistake of showing me Katamari Damacy. I had heard about this game, and it seemed like the type of game I might enjoy, but no one ever let me play it before. I think I know why. It's addictive. While we were eating lunch on Sunday, Jeremy told me that he was going to play a quick game and then finish working on the Mutants and Masterminds game. My response: "Not if I get to the PS2 before you do." :) The game is thoroughly pointless, but totally fun. It also led to us looking online for action figures from the game, me thinking I could crochet one, and then realizing that Jeremy wanted a version that was about 2 1/2 inches tall. I had to say no then. There ARE some things I can't crochet. :)

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