Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Even though this is supposed to be a tame week, it seems to be getting crazier. It doesn't help matters any that my computer at home is acting up AND Jeremy's laptop is acting up. So we got to fight with mine for a while before our walk, and then fight with his for a while after our walk. Neither are fixed yet, either. :( So last night went from a "take a nice walk, then write" sort of night to a much crazier one. And that ends up bumping the crazy into the rest of the week, of course.

Of course, last night wasn't all bad. When we were in Michigan, I got to talking about genealogy with one of the other gamers, and Jeremy tentatively asked what he needed to do to get me to work on his. I laughed and said that all he had to do was ask, because I've been at a dead end on my family and Nathaniel's family for so long that I would welcome another family to work on. Of course, now it's a matter of getting back into the swing of things with this research, and coping with a lot of fairly common names, and researching states I've not dealt with before. But still, fun stuff. :)

As for crafts, on top of the usual, I'm waiting to hear back from one woman on a possible custom order, and I've got some research to do for another custom order. Both of these should be a lot of fun to do, though it means putting off some of my other crocheting. Again. :)

I'm already looking forward to this weekend, when we have nothing at all planned for Friday night and all day Saturday. Sunday, we have a birthday party to go to. Lazy weekend, get here faster already! :)

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