Thursday, April 23, 2009

ZOMG busy...

Yeah, except busy barely describes it. I had to put "posting to my blog" on my to do list for the writer's group or it wasn't gonna happen today.

It doesn't help matters any that I spent 6 days only checking the internet with my phone, which meant E-mail and Facebook, and little else. But since I was in the midst of Ambercon US, I wasn't complaining too much, as I was having an utter blast. I haven't finished my write-up of the gaming yet, but when I do, I'll cross-post it over here, for all those people who are interested in gaming stuffs. :)

In crafty news, I've been getting some crocheting done finally, in preparation for a small show that I'm doing on May 7, at Comedy Underground, from 6-9 p.m. I'll mostly have Decapitated Dollies and other silly stuff that I make. There's a comedy show after the craft show, so you can stick around afterwards if you're interested. And there will be a few other local artists with amusing stuff selling there as well.

We've also got an EtsyRain show coming up on May 9, at SodoPop! This is the day before Mother's Day, so it's a great opportunity to pick up a last minute gift for your mom. We'll have about 30 EtsyRain artists selling at this event, so there are lots of options for gift giving.

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