Monday, April 13, 2009

Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the earth...

Just been even busier than normal, and out off the office. I don't foresee my schedule improving much in the near future, of course, because that's just how I am. But I am about to go on vacation for 6 glorious days (counting the weekend), so that will be sort of a break. :)

I honestly haven't even been doing a whole lot aside from work. I squeezed in about half an hour of Rock Band one night last week, got caught up on a few things at the writer's group, and have otherwise been filling my spare moments with gaming and a tiny bit of crocheting. I made my new character for the Exalted game (though ended up not getting it done quite in time to actually play on Saturday), and yesterday we got to make our characters for the Dragon-Blooded Exalted game.

That was seriously some of the most fun I've ever had with character creation. There were 8 players, and we started out paired up with a family member--in my case, we defined ourself as cousins, though a couple of the pairs chose to be siblings (and then because of cross-breeding, more or less, we are almost all cousins to one another). We then had to come up with some defining event that had happened before the older sibling turned 9. And that's when we discovered that really and truly, my character was meant to be a pirate her whole life. :)

Throughout the course of the afternoon, we then paired up with 4 more players, and worked out events that had occured between our two characters at other stages in our lives, up until the point where we were all hovering between the ages of 31 and 29. By that point, my character had stolen a boat, cut off another character's hand, created a makeshift hot air balloon, witnessed an assassination that she had paid for, and stolen an airship (losing an eye in the process). So yeah, all sorts of pirate-y stuff. :)

The really cool thing about this is that my character now has a strong reason to be hanging out with 5 of the other 7 PCs. And as it turns out, the two PCs that I didn't have an in-depth scene with are the siblings of two of the PCs that I did have great scenes with. So we basically know each other, just indirectly. It also really helps to flesh out my character's personality to know that even when she was 7, all she really wanted was to go where she wasn't, and that she's never grown out of that tendency.

So I'm really looking forward to the continuation of this game, when we actually start playing. Of course my hope is that everyone will end up on my airship, and we'll maraud and pillage across the Threshhold, but even if I end up having to leave my ship in storage for a bit to help out my cousins and friends, it'll still be a blast! :)


Seth/Selene said...

Hi, your crochet is looking cuter than ever. Sorry to miss everyone at Christmas. I should have planned things out better. I think I've missed everyone from the old group, especially lately. Hugs, or something.

Seth/Selene said...


Good luck with that airship stuff! It was always awesome in the Final Fantasy games.