Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cats, cats, and more cats...

I'm struck by the fact that apparently Jeremy's cats have been wearing my new hoodie, because that's the only possible way it could contain as much cat hair as it does. :) The fact that it kept falling on the floor all weekend possibly has something to do with it also, but I prefer the thought of the cats parading around in my jacket while I sleep. :)

Speaking of cats, it looks like I might be getting a kitten. I'd been trying to resist the urge, because I can't have cats at my apartment. Jeremy can have them at his, but he already has plenty of adult cats. I've had kittens before. They are SO not like Jeremy's cats. They are madness incarnate.

But Andrew is a tricksy one. He's been trying to sell me on one of the cats that he and his wife are fostering. It started when he told me the kitten's name: Paint It Black. You know, named after the song that I have over 20 covers of, because I love it so much? :) My will was strong, until Saturday. I knew we'd see Andrew at the wedding on Saturday, and I had this sneaking suspicion that he was going to try to break my will.

Who am I kidding? I have no willpower when it comes to cuteness. :) He had a camera phone picture of Paint It Black, and that was all it took. I suspect everyone at the reception heard my squeal of delight, and Jeremy knew exactly what it meant... he'd soon have another cat at his apartment. :) We had a discussion about it later, and it looks like the odds are high that we will be adopting Paint It Black as soon as he's ready to be released from his momma's care. At the moment, the poor little thing only weighs about a pound, so we've got some time yet.

This means kitten proofing Jeremy's apartment big time, as it is so totally not ready for a kitten. We've also made the decision that we're going to come up with an alternate name for the cat, because Paint It Black is a mouthful, and because cats need 8 billion names. Nothing's struck me quite yet, as the majority of the name brainstorming was as I was falling asleep. Seeing as no one but me can pronounce Pbbbt, I don't think that's an option... :)

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