Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm back!

Got back to Seattle on Friday, and then had a very busy weekend.

Kansas was hot, humid, and generally disgusting, though the trip was improved by good food, lotsa love from my niece and nephew, and inexpensive clothing shopping. :) The work was about par for the course, and it appears that I'll be returning in July for a single week. No more of this two week nonsense!

This weekend, we attended two weddings, which were about as opposite as they could get. The first was uber formalized, very dressy, etc. Lovely, but a bit stiff at times. The second was in the backyard of the couple's new home, and the amount of laughter that accompanied the wedding was really delightful. There was also Sculpey to play with, and I apparently have mad bartering skills, as I went home with 7 different colors. (Jeremy giving me his did help with the amount of Sculpey I had. :) )

My schedule for the foreseeable future is truly madness. Between July 1 and July 20, I only have one day where there is nothing on my calendar... and that happens to be our 6 month anniversary. We're actually avoiding planning anything for it just so we can have a quiet evening together. :) We honestly don't have a free weekend until August. Luckily, we do have a couple of free nights this week, and a couple next week, so that helps a lot. But we are WAY too busy!

It is so lovely to be back, though. I was chilly at the wedding yesterday afternoon, despite wearing a hoodie, and I'm still wearing my hoodie at the office today. It's gray outside, and I love it! Seattle is totally where I belong! :)

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