Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday again!

So coming off of a great weekend, some Mondays seem really dreary. I think the sunshine today is helping today to feel much better than an average Monday. Either that, or I'm just enjoying the calm before the inevitable storm. We're having dinner with Jeremy's grandparents tonight, and then we have a free night tomorrow. Then there are only 7 days in July with nothing on the calendar. Goodbye, free time! :)

The weekend was Go Play Northwest, which was a gaming convention for indie games. I got to play in some okay games, and I got to play in some really wonderful games. It's hard to pick a single one as my favorite game, and nearly all of the games had at least some elements that were a whole lot of fun for me. I also know I missed out on getting to try some games that I would have liked to have played, but there just wasn't enough time to play them all. I'm sure we'll go back next year, though, since it's local. :)

Of course, it's got me amped for working on my games for Ambercon Northwest, which is just another thing I've got to figure out how to plug into my incredibly ridiculous schedule. I only need game write-ups by the end of August, and then the actual games by the beginning of November, so that's helpful. I also need to kitbash together a couple of systems to end up with systems that I like... ah, the joys of diceless gaming for someone who's always used dice. :)

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