Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh wow...

Somehow I hadn't realized that I haven't posted here since JUNE! Remember what I said about being busy in July? :)

We spent the Fourth of July weekend in Portland, hanging out with friends who live there, and of course visiting Powells. The following week was taken up with a whole lot of me practicing with Throwing Goat, and then singing at their show. There's going to be YouTube footage of that, but I don't have it yet.

The week after the show was spent in Kansas City for work, which meant a trip to my sister's to see her, her husband, and her kids. I've been back since late Friday night, and keeping plenty busy with gaming and other geeky stuff, alongside moving hijinks.

That's right, I'm moving. Not far, mind you. I'm just moving about 5 miles away from my current apartment, to share Jeremy's apartment with him. Of course, this entails lots of cleaning, packing, and unpacking. We're basically figuring out how to get two apartments worth of stuff into one apartment, a storage unit, and a studio. The studio is for me, for all of my craft stuff, though I told Jeremy I will put a desk in there so he can write while I curse at my sewing machine a lot.

But my hope is that with a studio, I will actually be able to get more sewing done, and really get things on track with Counting Stars. I've had that shop for almost a year now, and sales have been almost non-existent. So I'm going to be working on posting more regularly, and improving my photos--another thing that the studio should be good for, since I will have the space to set up a photo box finally! :)

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