Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching up at the end of the week...

I have more topics that I wish to cover than I have blog posts left before these topics slip my mind. Therefore:

1) Push was a pretty good movie. Of course, as soon as it ended, I turned to Jeremy to ask him his top choice for a game system to simulate the way the movie worked. He picked Mage. I picked Aberrant. He agreed that Mage needed a lot of tweaking to work, though. We are unrepentant geeks who turn all slightly geeky movies into a potential game. :)

2) The weather in Seattle has turned cool enough that I had to wear a long sleeved shirt AND a jacket this morning. This makes me very happy. However, the forecast says this won't last long, so I guess we'd better enjoy it while we can.

3) The end of moving is in sight! We're going to make a big push tonight to finish packing and moving the stuff in the living room that gets moved, and then all that is left is the kitchen. The kitchen can technically wait until after the movers do their work, if need be. YAY! :)

4) This is extra good because I'm off to the Olympic Peninsula next week for three days for work. Ah, I love getting over there. :)

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