Monday, September 28, 2009

Back in Seattle!

I spent the last week in the Kansas City area for work, and managed to not have a lot of time for the internet while I was there. Frequently this was related to having dinner with other folks from my company and other companies who were working out there, and one night was dinner at my sister's house, for a chance to spend some time with my niece and nephew.

My nephew recently told my sister that he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, so of course she turned to me for advice on his Halloween costume. So the first thing I did, naturally, was to send her a link to my article on the topic. We also tried to ask Peter for his opinion on what he needed for his pirate costume, but he had a moment of shyness and didn't end up telling us what he wanted. (He seems to do this a lot when he's asked what he wants, which seems odd to me. Maybe I just have known a lot of opinionated kids. :) ) Sarah also thinks she might dress Lila up as a pirate this year, since Lila most definitely does not know what she wants to be for Halloween. Well, I suppose she could know, but she certainly can't tell anyone yet. :)

I think Peter got one of my pumpkin hats when he was itty bitty, or I'd send another one to my sister for Lila to wear. The little cutie in the picture above is the son of a friend, who was only about 3 months old for his first Halloween. The nice thing about the pumpkin hats, though, is that I bet Peter can still wear his... the cutie in the picture, however, has since grown a head full of curls, and I don't think his hat would fit over them any more... though I'd love to see a picture of him wearing it today. :)

I am so totally gearing up for Halloween in my brain. I've been telling myself no Halloween decorations in the apartment until October 1st, but we do already have a couple of special edition Halloween themed nutcrackers from Target, and I bought mini pumpkins for our desks last night. Going to take the latter to the studio tonight to paint faces on them, and then put off the rest of the Halloween decorations at least until after this weekend, if not until after we get back from St. Louis in 2 weeks. Especially since a visit to a big Halloween store is on the agenda for St. Louis, I think that may be when the Halloween stuff goes up. :)

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