Thursday, September 17, 2009


So the headache on Sunday and Monday turned out to be a sinus headache (as best as I can fathom), which was the prelude to the accursed cold coming back. Just when I thought it was all done, I get smacked with it yet again.

The timing is horrid, too, since I have to get on a plane at o'dark thirty Sunday morning to head back to Kansas for another week. I hate flying when I'm sick, because my ears never quite pop correctly. And since I have a chemical sensitivity to several artificial sweeteners (and am not willing to risk the migraine that they might cause), my gum options are pretty limited. So I'm going to try to find some sort of gum with real sugar tonight, and if that fails, I'll have some chips or something to try to keep my ears from feeling like they want to explode on the plane.

(If anyone has any good tips on how to get your ears to pop on a plane other than yawning and chewing gum, please share them! Yawning doesn't work for me when my sinuses are already messed up. :( )

In other news, I'm slowly but surely hammering my games for ACNW into shape. Not sure if I posted what I'm running here, but it's a steampunk game, a weird Deadlands/Scion knock-off, and a Firefly game. I'm homebrewing all of the systems, which makes this a double challenge, since I have to write up game systems and work on plot stuff. Jeremy helped me with the steampunk game a bit, so I'm hoping I can get some done on the other games next week. I don't technically NEED the systems done till the end of the month, and the games until November, but it's still nice to get them out of the way.

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