Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's fall, for sure!

The weather has turned directly into fall, and just about right on schedule, too. Seattle has a good tendency to turn warmer around Memorial Day, turn hot around the 4th of July, and turn cooler around Labor Day. It's a good system, if you ask me, because I'm perfectly happy with about 3 months of summer-ish weather (with only a week or two of summer heat).

Of course, this seems to mean that I need to stop thinking that I can get away with more summer-y clothing options. Apparently a knee length skirt with footless tights and ballet flats just doesn't work for going out to the bus stop in the morning. I'll probably be fine on the way home, of course. :) Jeremy said we need to get me more winter-y clothes, and I responded that I just need to learn how to dress for the weather better. I've got a whole drawer full of corduroy pants and sweaters. :)

I can sort of tell that the seasons are turning by what Jeremy reports to me as available at the farmer's market near his work. On Tuesdays when he's coming straight home from work, he heads over there on his lunch break, and we frantically text back and forth so I can help him choose some fresh produce for our meals. This week, it was less fruit than previous weeks, and a bag of purple potatoes. This is mostly for my love of all things purple, but also for my love of strange potato dishes (like the blue mashed potatoes that we had for Thanksgiving in Carbondale one year). I had purple potato salad at the Can't Stop the Serenity event in Seattle, and decided that I needed to make purple potatoes at home, too. :)

I think the plan for these is just to boil them and eat them relatively unadorned, so we can see what they taste like before I start doing more odd things to them. But really, how often do you get to eat purple food that isn't grapes?!

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