Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And it's September

This year has really been flying by! So here's a pack of updates.

1) Spent three days out on the Olympic Peninsula for work, which was pretty nice. The weather was good, the food was good, and the work was interesting!
2) After a pretty rough weekend, I seem to be mostly over this cold. I still SOUND awful, but I feel a lot better.
3) I've been crocheting my fingers off working on more soap sweaters for Anne. The longer commute time that I've picked up as a result of moving has really been helpful in getting these done quickly, and makes me feel like the commute goes faster.
4) Completely and totally moved! I am so content to be all settled in, and gradually getting everything situated.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, though it seems we've managed to pack ours full of things to do. Luckily, we're staying in town for this weekend, because we have five trips planned this fall--two by plane and three by car. Between that and my typical week a month of travel for work, it seems I won't be around to enjoy our apartment as much as you might think. Ah well, I like getting to see new places, and even returning to places I've already been. :)

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