Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jeremy occasionally says that he thinks his cats beat him with mallets while he sleeps. I think he may not be too far off, and they seem to be turning their attention in my direction as well.

I somehow missed posting for most of last week. I'm not entirely sure why, aside from the couple of days when I was only barely in the office, if at all. And then Jeremy's cold caught up with me, and knocked me out of commission on and off from Friday to yesterday. *sigh*

Cooking experiments last week were curtailed because of my cold (and not feeling like cooking while I had it). I did try to make a Thai beef salad, but discovered that a) the beef should have been marinated in the sauce, and b) we would like it better if it had been beef and rice, maybe with a salad on the side. I've also been threatening a panang-style curry, but that still hasn't happened. Instead, I cooked up the green beans with some small pieces of bacon, which made them delicious, but produced far more than I was interested in eating. I left them out for folks to nibble on while they gamed, and came home to a barely touched bowl... I think the bacon may have made them a little slimy after they cooled off, and who wants slimy green beans?

I have a great photo of the Thai beef salad, but it's on the Frankenstein computer. On Sunday, Andrew cobbled together a computer out of parts from mine and Jeremy's desktops. We have two hard drives and my motherboard, with my external hard drive and keyboard, and Jeremy's mega big monitor and wireless mouse. All in all, it's a lovely machine, and will be even better when Andrew can bring us his device to get the data off of Jeremy's second hard drive, which wouldn't fit into my tower because of the way the fan was mounted.

I spent the majority of my Sunday at the studio, photographing a bunch of stuff that has been sitting in bins awaiting photos for ages. I mistakenly thought that I had already measured everything and had that saved on the external hard drive, but discovered when I got home that I was wrong. Project for next weekend: measuring. :) I am happy to say, though, that the natural light that my studio gets is exceptionally indirect, and spectacular for photography. Much better than it would have been in the studio with a view... a view of someone's backyard... :)

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