Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weekend update and more!

So Friday night was karaoke, and Jeremy and I had agreed in advance that we would sing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin together. It was apparently very good, as he had several people come up to him afterwards and tell him it was great. One person told me the same. :) I also had a lot of people tell me that I did "Stupid Girl" by Garbage really well, which is funny, because I signed up for it, and then googled the lyrics because I couldn't remember how it went. (Yeah, they put the lyrics up when you do karaoke, but if I don't have some vague sense of the lyrics before I start singing, I do miserably. Rock Band is proof of this. :) )

Saturday, we watched a couple of horror movies with part of our usual D&D group, in lieu of actually gaming. The first movie was Phantasm, which was pretty laughable to me. I find that I'm just really not that impressed with older horror movies, and they don't tend to scare me much. We followed that with Slither, which I had seen before, but no one else had. I love that movie, mainly because it stars Nathan Fillion. It's also spectacular as a comedy-horror.

From there, we headed to Denny's for the NaNoWriMo kick off, where I proceeded to write 2,200 words in about 75 minutes, a fact which stunned Jeremy and Nate. Apparently, I write fast. :) Of course, I make no claims as to how good it was, and I'm probably scrapping over 2/3 of it when editing time rolls around.

After sleeping like a rock, I had I Heart Rummage on Sunday afternoon, which was a good show for me. I sat next to Susan of This Charming Candy, and ended up trading a pair of arm warmers for two bags of her lollipops. So far, I've tried tangerine-clove and coconut-caramel, and I'm definitely loving the slightly more grown-up flavor combinations. In my bag for today: vanilla cardamom. I don't even know what cardamom tastes like. :)

My current NaNo word count is now up to 5,424, which is about 424 words ahead of where I need to be. Rock on! :) The story is shaping up pretty well, though it keeps going in directions I wasn't quite expecting. I wrote a ridiculously overdramatic scene between a father being sent to fight in the Great War and his thirteen year old daughter last night. Truly over the top. I love it. :)

Now if I can just kick this cold in the next, oh, 48 hours, I'll be set. :) We're off to AmberCon NW on Thursday morning, and I do not want to be sick at the convention!

Lollipops by thischarmingcandy.etsy.com.

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