Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A lot to recap, so let's just dive in.

1) Gabe, one of our two elderly cats, spent nearly a week at the vet. He was meowing a lot on Monday night, but he does that occasionally, so we thought little of it. By Tuesday, he was having enough intestinal issues (as evidenced by the litterbox) that we thought it wise to get him to the emergency vet. They weren't able to find anything for certain, but advised us to keep an eye on him. As I was feeling poorly on Wednesday, I stayed home, and tried in vain to feed him several appealing dishes. Since he wasn't eating, and since we were getting ready to go out of town, we decided to take him to his regular vet, which also offers boarding for cats. So they checked him out and agreed to board him, while running some tests as well. The tests ultimately ended up being fairly inconclusive, but Jeremy picked Gabe up from the vet last night with a shaved belly and a bag full of medicine. Gabe seems to be mostly back to his usual self now, except that he slept the entire night curled up by my side. Jeremy is off work today, so he's going to keep a close eye on Gabe's eating and litterbox habits. We're hoping he is over his sickness, whatever it was.

2) We spent Thursday through Monday at the Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon, for Ambercon NW. The Edgefield is super awesome--we made spa appointments for shortly after our arrival, so we were nice and relaxed by the time the gaming began. I got to meet a lot of people I had thus far only heard stories about, as well as a lot of other cool people. I ran three games and played in four games, and was generally exhausted by the time my head hit my pillow every night. In related news, soaking in a hot tub-like pool apparently causes fingernail polish to unadhere from your fingernails. What I didn't lose in the pool proper came off in CHUNKS yesterday morning. :(

3) As a result of the above two factors (the cat and the convention, not the nail polish falling off), I've fallen a bit behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. I had a few hours to write yesterday morning, and I finally think I know where my story is going. Now I just have to actually write it all out. I did discover this morning that I can write (by hand) on the bus, so long as I don't have a big backpack on my lap. Time to switch back to my usual purse, I guess. :)

4) I've got a craft show on Saturday at the home of Kay, along with several other local artisans. If you're interested in attending, drop me a line, and I'll get you the evite. I'm surprisingly well-stocked already, though I do have a bag of catnip eyeballs to finish up before the show. Sometime...

5) Awaiting word on whether I'm traveling for work next week. If I am, having my weekend compressed means I'm going to be running around like a madwoman all weekend. If I'm not, I might actually manage to squeeze in a night at the studio next week. Ooooooh. :)

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