Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's almost Christmas!

Today is my last day in the office until Monday. That's right, I get a whole four day weekend! It's a far cry from the days when I had the week between Christmas and New Years off (and then some), but I'll make do with what I've got.

Tonight, we're headed over to see what amounts to Jeremy's family in the Seattle area for Christmas. Not sure exactly what we'll be doing, but I know there will be dinner and probably either pool or video games, depending on his brother's preference. :)

Tomorrow, we're sleeping late, heading to the zoo for part of the afternoon, having a snack-y dinner and then snack-y treats as we observe a Christmas tradition that does not seem to have any presence on the internet. Must check with Jeremy and determine the origins of this tradition before I try to explain it. :)

Friday, we're also sleeping late, opening Christmas presents, lounging about aimlessly, and then going out for Chinese food and to see Sherlock Holmes. I have to say that the opening Christmas presents part of the event intrigues me greatly. We finally wrapped presents last night, and Jeremy commented on how heavy mine is. As I was getting my boots on this morning, one of my gifts to Jeremy fell off of the "mantle" (read: the top of our entertainment center), and I realized that his gift to me seemed to be sliding the Rock Band drum set over slowly, so I picked up the gift to move it to a more secure location. It is HEAVY. And solid. And I have no idea what it is, unless it's a slab of rock. Seriously.

Saturday, I have claimed to spend the day in my studio, taking pictures of all of the stuff I've made in recent weeks, working on a serious destash of the supplies I will never use (keep an eye on Counting Stars if you want to see what I'm getting rid of!), and maybe even getting some sewing in. I know, shocking! :) And then we've got D&D in the evening.

Sunday will be a day to get all of the usual chores done, but other than that, a lazy day.

Sometime in there, I need to work on my Vampire game, and I'm chomping at the bit to work more on Jeremy's family genealogy. I'm getting somewhere with the German side of his dad's family, which seems to have arrived in America and stayed in one place (Minnesota), until they eventually made their way to California. This was very thoughtful of them. :) It makes my life a lot easier. :)

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