Monday, December 28, 2009

And I'm back

The four day weekend was pretty much as awesome as advertised, with only a couple of exceptions. The theater we tried to see Sherlock Holmes at was packed to the gills, so that we ended up in the front row. By the time the previews were rolling, I was getting motion sickness. I thought maybe the quality would improve when the movie started, but I couldn't do it. :( Then either as a result of that, or just ongoing headache issues, I had a bad enough migraine on Saturday night that I had to ditch out of D&D.

Aside from that, it was a good weekend. The present haul was small but exciting this year. Jeremy's Seattle family got us a membership at the Pacific Science Center. I've actually never been there (though I did see Watchmen at their IMAX). Jeremy got me the first volume of the Absolute Sandman, which is a GORGEOUS reprinting of my favorite comic series ever. It's something that I would never buy for myself, because I already own all of the comics. But it's nice to have the fancy collector's version as well. :) (And he's a smart one, in that he's probably already figured out what to buy me for our next three Christmases as well. :) ) And really, that's about it. I'm not sure if I'll get anything from my dad this year, and we all agreed to just do presents for the little kids on Mom's side. But that's okay. I don't really need stuff. :)

I also managed to get in about four hours in the studio on Saturday, which had moments of awesome and moments of frustration. I got decent photos (but not great), I pulled a bit of stuff to destash (but I'm having trouble letting go of some stuff), and I worked on four sewing projects. Two of the sewing projects turned out fine, while the other two had challenges. Still, I'm not gonna get better at this by just letting my machine sit in the studio. :)

So one of my goals for the upcoming year is going to be to try to find one day a week (or one every two weeks, if need be) when I can get to the studio for a chunk of time. Some of that time will have to be spent doing photography and other exciting things, but the bulk of the time will hopefully be devoted to sewing stuff to sell in my Counting Stars shop. I've got one definite new line to work on that will be one of a kind items, but along a similar theme, and then the rest will probably be truly one of a kind stuff. The majority of it will be reconstructed clothing for now, though there is at least one item that I know how to make from scratch. But first, the overflowing fabric bin must be reduced... and I'm not quite willing to destash that just yet. :)

Another goal will be getting some of my items into shops. I've got a standing offer from Julia at Black Door Studio to keep her stocked with eyeball cat toys, so I'm trying to get those stocked up and delivered by the end of January. I think I've got another place where I could sell my Firefly-related stuff, but I need to talk to them about it. And then I need to look into places where I don't know the owner. :) I really should find a place that is interested in my crocheted roses, and I really should do that well in advance of Valentine's Day. :) And I should find some indie coffee shops that might be interested in the coffee cozies. And... my goal list is getting long. Time to start getting to work on that. :)

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