Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sometimes, I visit the neatest places!

As most followers of this blog know, my job often sends me out of town to do research. Recently, though, I've been getting to do a lot of day trips to Tacoma, Puyallup, and other locales in Pierce County. Sometimes, these trips are to really neat places.

Today I got to visit the Points Northeast Historical Society, which is in northeast Tacoma, right by the water. There's a lighthouse (not the original one), a museum, and the historical society offices. But one of the really nifty things about this place is that they have a little cottage that they rent out for a week at a time. Since the cottage was empty this week, I got to go on a tour of it, especially since I mentioned that when I told Jeremy about it, he said he wanted to go stay there. :)

Cutest. Cottage. EVER. It's got 3 bedrooms, but only one bathroom, and a modernized kitchen. Otherwise, it's furnished with antiques and photos of historic stuff from the old lighthouse and other stuff nearby. The museum is in the basement of the house. The rates are surprisingly reasonable, too, though there is the trade-off of being responsible for opening the museum on a couple of days if you stay anytime other than in the winter. Now, to figure out how we can take an entire week off work... :)


Mister Jones said...

The place looks gorgeous.

(I stopped by mostly to say I'm sorry that I'm not moving to Seattle.)


Anonymous said...
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Mister Jones said...

Sorry about that--I probably brought the 'website who discuss about many' with my comment activity. My bad.

Dawn said...

Heh, no worries. The delete button is a wonderful thing. :)