Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had a long work day yesterday, with a meeting after work for one of our projects, and I'm definitely feeling it today. Luckily, I'm really enjoying the process of the current research I'm working on, so the day is flying by. I'm only hoping that I will continue to enjoy this work as I get to the writing phase, because it seems pretty likely that I'll be working on various aspects of this project for some time to come.

This has always been a difficulty for me--getting to the writing part after doing the research part. I would be happy as a clam to do nothing but research all day long. And I know that I'm a good writer, it's just hard to make myself buckle down and do it. I've discovered, too, that it applies to both non-fiction and fiction writing... I will brainstorm all sorts of fiction ideas, but then can't make myself put metaphorical pen to paper.

I'm really trying to get over this whole unwillingness to write... I have no problem with blog posts, obviously. :)

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