Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Party planning

So last year, I planned Jeremy's birthday party (indoor barbeque), and it went off without a hitch (aside from me getting mildly claustrophobic for a bit). Now my sisters and I are planning a big birthday party for our mom (and Peter, Lila, and myself), and it's a bit nerve-wracking. It probably doesn't help any that NONE of us live in St. Louis (where the party will be held), so we're having to do a lot of "well, we can get that when we get there." So here's hoping that we don't have any flight delays...

Luckily, Jeremy and I fly in the night previous, and we'll have a rental car (oh, if I remember to book that...). Of course, that also means that _we_ get to do all the running around at the last minute... whee! :)

My excitement for today? Ordering the cake. If it were a local place, I would have drawn up the design I wanted and given it to them. In this case, it's a bakery that Sarah recommended, of course in St. Louis. So I talked to someone who sounded a bit like a bored teenager, and am really hoping that she got all of the spellings down correctly (nothing too complicated, but you never know), as well as the design. I know that no one will care if it's not perfect, but I still WANT it to be perfect. *sigh*

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