Thursday, March 04, 2010

Commence radio silence in 3...2...

This time tomorrow, our flight leaves Seattle. I'm not even taking my laptop with me, because I know I won't have time for it. We get in to St. Louis after dinner tomorrow, and will head straight to my mom's house. Saturday, we need to buy party decorations, buy and prepare a bunch of food, and help with set up before the party. Not to mention that somehow I was roped into promising Jeremy Imo's pizza for lunch. :) The party is in the evening, and we will probably collapse afterwards.

Sunday is our excursion down to Carbondale. I have been assured of New Kahala for lunch, then a stop at one of the local wineries, and 17th Street for dinner. More importantly, it's with some of my friends in the Midwest, namely, Cindy, Thor, Bryan, Vanessa, Jarrod, and Lord Pleasure. (There's a story behind his name. Otherwise, we call him Nick, and we had too many of those for a while.) (He is also significant for having been the person who designed my first tattoo.) There may be other stuff to do in there somewhere, but nothing is solid. One of the people I wanted to see will be in Seattle on Saturday, en route to Alaska (and she comes back through Seattle next week, when I'm gone again), so that part sucks.

Monday, we fly back to Seattle, and due to my scheduling fail, we get back later than I like to get back. Luckily, I have a to do list for this evening that will obviate most of the things I would normally need to do when we get home. The only essential thing will be washing Jeremy's work clothes so that he can go to work on Tuesday, and unpacking and repacking the suitcase so that I can hop on a train less than 24 hours after arriving in Seattle.

If you're lucky, there will be a trip recap next week. If you're not, you won't likely hear from me until after the 15th. Yeah, it's crazy like that. :)

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