Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Work has been running me down lately, mainly because I've been working 9 hour days, in order to have enough vacation time for my two trips in March. I'm very glad that today is the last 9 hour day, because I am completely useless when I get home at the end of a 9 hour day. I'm hoping I can persuade Jeremy to put together at least some of dinner tonight, since he is off work early today for a doctor's appointment, and thus will get home before I do.

I'm wishing I had more energy because my current project at home is trying to organize my craft supplies in the hall closet. I bought a few boxes and got started on Monday, but I think I need about 8 clear plastic tubs in varying sizes to finish up the rest of it. Then I may attempt to tackle the rest of that closet, and see how much space I can reclaim from it. It would be super awesome if I could make enough space to store more of my craft supplies at home, with a view toward gradually phasing out my studio.

Yeah, no matter what I do, I will likely always have to share the hall closet with coats and possibly the cats' dry food, but if I could make just a bit of space and do a serious destash of supplies, I could make this happen. Then the only question is how to find the time to do everything I need to make it happen... :)

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