Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have completely fallen off with posting here. So you get the super quick recap.

1) Our trip to St. Louis went very well. Mom was utterly thrilled with her birthday present, which I can now tell you all about. :) We're flying her to Seattle in August. Jeremy and I will take her to Portland for the weekend to go to the spa at the Edgefield and Powell's Books. Then we come back to meet up with her friend who will be accompanying her on a cruise to Alaska. :)

2) My conference in Portland was about as could be expected from such. Good parts, boring parts, and Jeremy coming down for the weekend portion of the conference. More than anything, I now take this conference as an opportunity to chat with someone else who knew my former boss, who planned the mini-conference last October in his honor. One of these years, I am hoping that I can present at said mini-conference. So I gotta keep the communication flowing with those folks. :)

3) Been reasonably busy this past week, mainly with the Cassie-cat, who took a slight turn for the worse. She is improving now, I think, but we were notably concerned about her when we got back from Portland. She has now been to a cat opthamologist. How many other cats can say the same? :)

4) Getting geared up for Ambercon US is the other major factor in our busy-ness. I'm really looking forward to seeing some folks I haven't seen since last year (and some I've seen more recently), and actually staying in the convention hotel this time. :)

5) Work continues apace. I haven't heard anything about my next travel dates, but I'm sure they're lurking in the wings... as always...

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