Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to normal?

I think that our lives are finally settling back down to normal. Yeah, we have a convention this weekend that will throw things off a bit, but it's in Seattle. We're staying at the convention hotel for convenience sake, but if anything bizarre came up, we're only about 30-45 minutes from home.

Michigan was rather cold, but as we spent nearly all of our time inside, that didn't really matter. I got to meet some new folks, hang out more with familiar faces, and generally have a blast playing an assortment of odd characters. And we went book shopping, so I have MORE books to add to the huge stack of things I've never read. *sigh*

Crafting wise, I spent the weekend working on an afghan for my new nephew, who is due in June. I managed to use up all of the light blue, mint green, and pale yellow yarn that I had, and ended up using some variegated pastel yarn as well, and it's not quite big enough. I need to figure out if I can match one of the yarns I've already used, or if I want to use a neutral color (I'm thinking cream or gray, the latter of which seems more practical) around the edge to finish it off.

As soon as I finish my lunch and this blog post, I'm off to the post office to send a package to Australia. Both of my sales in March have been international sales, which is exciting. Makes me wonder if there are really favorable exchange rates for other countries right now, but I don't really understand the math to that topic, so I just leave it as idle wondering.

Already thinking about April, since it's just 2 days away. I'll be working on soap sweaters for Anne at the beginning of the week, and, assuming I get picked for the EtsyRain show in May, I'll spend the second half of the month stocking up on stuff for that show. I've also signed up for a needle felting workshop just for fun. In my spare time, I'm indexing a book and writing a short story... wow, I think I'm booked for the month!

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