Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good cat news!

Cassie had her follow-up opthamologist appointment yesterday, and I was concerned because I thought I could still see the problem with her eye. But the opthamologist, who knows WAY more about eyes than me, said it was healed, and that what we could still see was similar to a scab or a scar, which will continue to fade. Since Cassie can see with no issues and is happy, all is good in the world! :)

Of course, Jeremy and I joked about cat eye tests yesterday, when I told him that Cassie could see just fine. He asked if she read all of the letters on the chart. I said "no, for cats they put up pictures of the other cats. If she purrs at all of them, but hisses when she sees the picture of The Bit, then she's fine." :)

The Bit is the nickname that Paint it Black has finally settled into. That and Bitten or The Bitten Kitten. I think it should probably be "Pen Stealer," but that doesn't flow off the tongue as nicely. But cats get like an unlimited supply of names, so I'm sure he'll pick up more over the years.

So. Apartment full of healthy cats. *knock on wood* Actually, they should stay that way. We have no travel plans until August, aside from my work trips (when Jeremy will be home) and his writer's workshop this summer (when I hope to be able to stay at home).

Kamaboko Kitty Cake Loaf from Nice Rice Productions

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