Monday, April 19, 2010

New music! Yay! :)

I sat down on Saturday night with my iTunes gift cards and a short list that I had made on my phone. I came away with:

To the Bottom of the Sea by Voltaire - This was dubbed as Voltaire's "steampunk" album. I'm not sure I'd use that term for all of the songs, but nonetheless, it's Voltaire, so I love it. :) I think I had only heard the first and last songs from this album--the last I heard live the last time I saw him, and the first I heard on a compilation album... which is probably the main reason I remembered I needed to pick this up still.

War Child - Heroes by various artists - This is an album of current musicians covering songs from the 70s, primarily (with a few outliers on either sides of that decade). The entire reason that I bought this album was for Lily Allen's cover of "Straight to Hell" (originally by The Clash). One night when driving back from band practice, Jeremy had played it for me on his phone, because I love Lily Allen. I didn't catch on at first (and he wasn't familiar with the original song), but once I realized what it was, I had a rabid need to own it. And now I do. :)

Shallow Life by Lacuna Coil - Because there are some bands who I will buy just about anything by. Still midway through my first listen to this one, and nothing has particularly jumped out at me, though I am enjoying the song currently playing, which iTunes tells me is "Wide Awake." And hopefully I'll have more to say about this album later.

This Addiction by Alkaline Trio - Yeah, I think I'll buy about anything they put out as well. I have only listened to small snippets of a few of the songs so far, and it sounds like pretty normal Alkaline Trio. Hurrah! :)

I also finally added Breedless by Ego Likeness to my computer and iPod, and listened to it first thing this morning. Again, nothing super jumped out at me on the first listen, but it all sounded wonderful and solid. I'm really hoping that they will get back out this way sometime soon so I can see them again! (Because they're one of those bands that I will try to see for sure, even in an era when I'm not really doing many concerts.)

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