Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The new Doctor Who

Jeremy decided to buy the first episode of the latest Doctor Who season from iTunes the other day. Who am I to tell him no? :)

I should backtrack, though, and say that I watched like one episode of Doctor Who in college and also read the novelization of that same episode (as a bizarre coincidence). Then when they rebooted the series with Christopher Eccleston, I started watching it and fell in love. But they say you always love your first Doctor the best; not me. I'm a David Tennant girl.

I might have to say WAS a David Tennant girl soon. When they first announced Matt Smith as the next Doctor, I looked at his IMDB page and said, "Oh, he's CUTE." With big time emphasis on the cute. Like someone's little brother cute. I tracked down Ruby in the Smoke (which he had done with Billie Piper, a.k.a. Rose Tyler), and said, "Yeah, okay, I think he can pull it off." So I've been a fan since soon after the announcement.

After watching the first full episode with Matt Smith, I'm a squeeing fangirl. He's FUNNY. I was laughing hard throughout most of the episode. Now, this may present problems later--I'm not sure I can take him seriously, because, again, CUTE! He's so young and slightly goofy looking, that I think the cute + funny will outweigh the serious. So I'm hopeful that he'll prove me wrong on this one. :)

And the new companion, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)? She's already growing on me. No one can ever replace Rose, in my book, but I like what they're doing with this character. She's a special sort of companion, and I will probably cry when her heart gets broken. Because it will. Spectacularly. I already know.

I'm also picking up on the little subtle (and not so subtle) meta-plot things that are already being tossed out there. There will be badness. Lots of it. I know so.

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