Monday, May 03, 2010

Ack! It's been a while!

And I've been busy! :)

The weekend before this past one, I took a needle felting class with Moxie. I have had a needle felting kit for a while, but was generally getting frustrated every time I tried to use it. But after this little class, I feel a lot more like I can make the fiber bend to my whim. Moxie also mentioned that yes, it is possible to felt natural fibers to unnatural ones, which means I can felt dreadlocks onto Decapitated Dollies! w00t! (This has also led to GREAT amusement in our apartment, when I mentioned to Jeremy that a) I can felt with cat hairs, and b) I can felt them to his T-shirt. Okay, so I was amused. :) )

I also spent part of that weekend trying to come up with what I wanted to make for my swag for the EtsyRain spring show. I was mostly not coming up with anything, but I figured it out over the past week, and got it all done on Friday and Saturday. No details yet--if you want to know what I made, you'll have to get in line early on Saturday and get a swag bag! :) (I'll be in some of the swag bags, but not all.)

Jeremy and I spent most of the weekend watching season 4 of LOST (yeah, we're way behind) because we both have/had colds. (I'm mostly better now, though still sniffly. He is still pretty cold-ridden.) This meant I could get a lot of eyeball cat toys mostly done--our cats freak out if I actually get the catnip out, so I save that part for when I'm NOT at home. Next project is to get some fish bodies ready to stuff, so I'll have all the pieces I need when those two items start selling at the show on Saturday! :)

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