Monday, June 14, 2010

Rock Band, now with Legos!

We finally picked up a copy of Lego Rock Band last night. While it is filled with much awesome, there are parts of it that leave me going "huh?"

1) The premise of the song selections for the game is to be more "kid friendly." I think this only means "eliminate any songs that have swearing in them." Alluding to sex and pagans? All good. :)
2) The song selection when you're first starting out SUCKS. The first 3 songs were by Tom Petty, T-Rex, and Supergrass. I only knew the first of those. The next 3 were by Bryan Adams, random emo band, and a weird band whose name I don't recall. Again, only knew the first song. We did get to do Queen and Elton John, which were more in my comfort zone, but really? I doubt kids are listening to T-Rex, Supergrass, or the other weird band.
3) I was terrified when we did a random song that, based on how few songs we had unlocked, plus the "kid friendly" ones the game had imported from my downloads and Rock Band 1, that we would get the "Green Grass and High Tides" song (which is one of the most difficult from Rock Band 1). We got lucky and didn't, though I think it may have been the song that tried to get Jeremy to fail out. :)
4) Oh wait, you apparently can't fail out... and there's a "super easy" mode that doesn't involve hitting the right keys... so you can just mash buttons and still win?!
5) Navigation is not nearly as clear as it is in the regular Rock Band titles. That was really frustrating for me, since I'm not much of a video gamer. Luckily, Jeremy was able to see places where I needed to "go" to do things. Really, a list would have been JUST fine. :)

Anyway, I'm complaining a lot about a game that I think I'm really going to love. If nothing else, I now can have "Let's Dance" in my regular Rock Band library. :)

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