Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Recap of the recap

I decided a couple of weeks ago that when I start work early, take a short lunch, and leave the office at 4 instead of 5, I am a much more productive person. Since Jeremy has to be at his office at 7:15, and since I generally ride the same bus as him, this works out pretty well. It does mean that we don't take the same bus home any more, but I think this actually works better for us. Anyway, we still have one bus ride together. :)

Of course, shortened lunches mean not a lot of posting from me, since lunch is my prime posting time. So here's an update on things I was talking about a couple of weeks ago.

I got my skates, and have been skating 3 times since--twice at scrimmages, and once at an open skate. I am improving. I fell 3 times at my first scrimmage, but haven't fallen since then. I'm starting to learn how to stop. I'm starting to be able to notice penalties as I'm focusing on not running into the other refs. Still need to work on speed, stopping, and seeing more penalties. But it's coming along nicely.

I decided not to apply to vend at SteamCon this year. With roller derby added into my schedule, studio time is not likely to be frequent. I'm currently debating purging my sewing stuff, putting my machines in storage, and cramming my other stuff into the front hall closet, so as to get rid of the studio. But that's not decided quite yet.

Spent another week in Kansas City for work. Not much to report from this trip, other than that I was introduced to another great restaurant there. And it's a vegetarian restaurant, at that! :)

Finished up a couple of short stories and got those submitted. One has been accepted, the other is still pending. I suspect it won't get picked up, but we shall see! :) Got another idea in the works, but I have until the end of October to make it happen. So it's plausible. :)

We've got a busy month ahead of us. This weekend, we're going to hit the zoo early Saturday, and then we're taking the ferry up to Victoria on Sunday. It's just a day trip, but it will be my first time out of the United States! Pretty exciting! :)

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