Monday, August 09, 2010

Writing update

Just a quick post today on the writing front.

1) I have a short story, "Daddy's Little Girl," appearing in the Cobalt City Timeslip anthology, which comes out in October. Yes, I'm the one who wrote "steamwork ex-presidents." :)

2) My story for Rock is Dead did not get picked up. I'm debating whether this means I should try to rework it per Jeremy's suggestions, or see if I can't find another venue to submit it to. It's a fairly non-creepy horror(-ish) story, which means it's not great for most horror venues. I just don't write particularly creepy. :) It's also not particularly heavy on the sci-fi, even though it's a time travel story. This may also prove problematic. But I do like the basic story, so maybe it can be fixed.

3) Got the transcript of Ian's ancestors Civil War journal. Now, to figure out how to use that for my next story. :)

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