Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The secret project, revealed

A while back, I bought a pattern for a crocheted d20 from Needle Noodles, thinking that I'd make one to amuse my D&D group. (For the non-geeks reading this, a d20 is a 20-sided die. Which may be more apparent than I think, but it confused my mom.)

But then when Wil Wheaton was getting ready to go to GenCon, he posted on his blog or Twitter or something that he wanted to see how many dice he could collect during the weekend, and asked people to give him one die when they saw him.

Well, I wasn't going to go to GenCon. It's in Indiana or something. :) (I want to go eventually, but it costs a LOT to get out there, stay at the hotel, etc.) But I was going to PAX, and Wil Wheaton was going to be there...

So I concocted a scheme in my head. I'd make the d20, and stand in line for one of Wil Wheaton's signings, so that I could give it to him. This was an excellent plan, except that I am NOT good at following patterns, and so I ended up improvising certain parts. :) There was also the issue that I had the die PARTLY constructed, and MOST of the numbers stitched on by the time we got to PAX on Friday. My plan was to get it done Friday night, to give to Wil on Saturday. Then I got drunk on Friday night instead, and went straight to bed when I got home. :) (Instead, I woke up WAY early on Saturday and finished it.)

Crocheted d20

And then more chaos ensued. Jeremy read on Twitter that Wil had moved back the time of his signing. There was much confusion and mayhem in getting to the appropriate place for the line at the appropriate time. (Never mind the fact that I had a three-hour game to run, and four games I still wanted to play.) But we did it. We were about 15th in line. We ended up talking to a guy from Nottingham who saw my Rat City Roller Girls sticker, and asked about where he could get merch. He's training to ref for the Nottingham team, the Hellfire Harlots.

Finally Wil arrived and sat down to start signing. The guy in front of us was a big guy, so I was pretty much hidden behind him with the bright red die in my hand. This meant that when we finally walked up and I explained it to him, he was TOTALLY surprised. And he loved it. He literally pulled his phone from his pocket, took a photo, and posted it to Twitter, WITH my Twitter name included. :) And then he talked to Jeremy for a good minute, signed his book, and agreed to pose with us for a picture.

Jeremy, me, and Wil



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