Monday, February 28, 2011

Scarves of Opportunity

One of the other derby refs gave me a GIGANTIC box of mixed yarn at Christmas. Most of the yarn doesn't have labels, but those skeins that do look like they're from the 70s. :) So I've been picking through the yarn and sorting it out by colors, and then making these "Scarves of Opportunity."

There's enough wool content yarn in the box that the scarves get felted/fulled when I wash them, which tightens up the stitches and makes them super duper warm. This one is also super duper long, though some of the others I've made are a bit shorter. And I've been making them like crazy, as they're a great project for while I'm watching TV (we just finished up the second and final season of "Dollhouse" and now we're watching the first season "Community") or while we game. It's a simple stitch pattern that I can do without really looking at it. :)

With as cold as it's been in Seattle lately, warm scarves are just the thing! It's hard not to want to keep one of them for myself! :)

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Kristi Smart Romantic Fantasy Coats and Clothing. said...

I love a good long scarf. The longer the better. You made good use of that yarn, girlie!