Monday, April 25, 2011

Exciting and new

I haven't had much to post lately, because I haven't been working on much new stuff. I did spend a chunk of Saturday working on some costuming stuff, which I'll be sure to post here 1) after we've worn the costumes and 2) after the desktop is back in working order.

I do have one new thing for my Etsy shop in the works--coffee mug cozies. These are not like my coffee cup cozies, which go on disposable coffee cups that you get at the coffee shop. No, these are meant to go around ceramic mugs, in an attempt to keep the contents warm for longer. I'm planning to do an experiment to figure out what type of yarn is the most insulating, and use that to make the cozies from. :) More on that 1) after I've done the experiment and 2) after the desktop is back in working order.

It never fails to amaze me how one computer being problematic can screw up my life so much. But more specifically, it's because it's the desktop that it screws up my life. I can't use it for iTunes or my craft photos until we get it fixed. :( I could load new photos onto my laptop, but then I'd still need to get them on to the desktop eventually for storage purposes.

While I'm here, I should also mention that I think I'm back in the swing of posting to Shop Etsy. It's not every day yet, but I'm shooting for three days a week, and think that's viable. :)

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roseworksjewelry said...

I like your idea for the coffee mug cozy!