Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two months and counting!

So I've finally gotten back in the swing of posting to Shop Etsy. There are new posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which is a good start. Now, to see if I can get back into the swing of updating here...

Monday marked two months remaining until the wedding. Things are coming together quite nicely. We're going to see Marlo tonight to see the progress on our rings, and I'm picking up the flowers from Patty on Sunday. I still need to figure out what on earth I am going to do with my hair (I'm still not sure if I'm going to get it cut before then, or just grow it out for two more months), and I need to sit Jeremy down and get him to commit to what gifts he wants for his best man and our officiant.

I've also got some crafty work to do, like putting together the tossing bouquet. I have the pieces, I just haven't done anything with them. And I need to work on the favors. I got plantable paper flowers from Recycled Ideas, and a name/date stamp from Terbear Collectibles, but I still need to actually stamp all of the flowers. :) I keep telling myself "I still have two months," and then I go "TWO MONTHS?! That's crazy talk!" Yes, I really do often have conversations like this with myself. :)

The only other thing I'm still working on is someone who can make a small-ish gluten-free, vegan cake. My best woman is gluten-free, so I want to have cake for her to eat, because she won't be able to have the normal wedding cake. And I figure vegan because that way any vegans in attendance will also have something to eat. (I'm slightly willing to bend on the second point, because I don't know that anyone coming to the wedding is full vegan.) If you've got any thoughts on local gluten-free cake makers, drop me a line or leave me a comment!


Emmakat said...

Flying Apron is the first thing that comes to mind from our days in Seattle. I know they are gluten free and vegan & do custom orders, we once got a chocolate birthday cake there.

Dawn said...

Awesome! Chocolate sounds like a good way to go for the second cake, too, since the main cake is white cake.

Swiftyjess said...

Flying Aprong is yummy! We have to be vegan due to allergies so I'd suggest that. I also have a friend that custom makes cakes as a hobby. She is gluten free and vegan herself so she is familiar with making such cakes also tasty. If you want me to I can give you her email address.
Jessica Christensen