Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wedding Shop Recap (cross-posted from Shop Etsy)

I got married on Saturday. During the wedding, several of our guests asked me about various items I was wearing or that were a part of the wedding. There was at least one person who I promised to E-mail with the Etsy seller information, but I promptly forgot both the question and the questioner. (I have an excuse. All of the crazy adrenaline had drained by that point, and I was a bit out of it.) So here's the list of everything that we bought from Etsy for the wedding, along with sellers. :)

After Jeremy bought me my engagement ring, I told him that I thought boys should get engagement presents as well. He happened to be in need of a new wallet, so I found a local seller, Moxie and Oliver, who makes handmade leather wallets and brands a message onto them. So I wrote a little lovey note to Jeremy for her to brand into his new wallet. Now he has a little reminder of my love that is always with him.

My necklace pendant (the "Something Old, Something New" bit in the shape of the TARDIS) came from Imagination Emporium (which I mentioned in late June). She had done a different, much longer, Doctor Who quote in that shape, which I thought was brilliant, and so I contacted her to see if she could work a shorter quote into the same shape. The reasoning behind this, by the way, is that the TARDIS itself is arguably old, new, borrowed, and blue. :)

My earrings (which were not bought for the wedding, but I got a lot of compliments on them) came from Frozen Fire. They're solid glass, with dichroic coloring. The smallest size he makes are 3mm (I think that's 6 gauge), so those of you with standard piercing sizes are out of luck.

My dress came from Kimmi. She is a local dressmaker who I had bought another dress from previously (which I wore to a wedding where I was a guest a couple of years ago). When I started thinking about dresses, I was looking at rockabilly style dresses, but I couldn't find anything I loved. So I went to Kimmi's site instead, and found the dress I wore straight away. I didn't think it would fit me, but she had me try it on anyway. Once I had it on, I was sold. I tried on two others, but then went back to the lovely crocheted dress. She made an alteration to the lining for me to help with the fit, and I crocheted the shoulder straps.

Our rings came from Marlo at I Make Cute Stuff. Marlo is one of my good friends from EtsyRain, and she was happy to work with the unusual shape of my engagement ring to make a ring that can be worn with it or without it. These rings are based on her Secret Promise Rings, which means they do, in fact, have messages inside of them.

The flower fans were a collaboration between me, my friend Kayce (Nue to Me and several other shops), and Patty at Full Blooms. I crocheted several blue roses, Kayce made hers out of scraps of T-shirts and buttons, and Patty made hers from silk. Patty also assembled them and attached them to the fans that Cindy and I carried. I took a few extras and bundled them together for the tossing bouquet.

The garter that Jeremy tossed came from Kizette. She makes pairs of lace and satin garters with d20s attached to them--one to keep and one to toss. Of course, the dice don't really roll any more, but that's okay!

The wedding favors, which I talked about last month, were made by Recycled Ideas. She makes handmade paper with flower seeds in the mix, so that the paper is plantable. I had a stamp made by TerBear Collectables, and stamped all of the flowers with a water soluble ink. The stamp (which was a little off on some of the favors) is of a pair of hands in the shape of a heart, with our names above and our wedding date below.

We also got gifts for some of the people who helped out with the wedding on Etsy. My best woman, Cindy got a necklace made by my friend Tricia, Pequest Designs. Andrew (the best man) and Kindred (the officiant and also a good friend of Jeremy's) got engraved flasks from Precision Engraving. And I had 4 My Angels make a custom apron for my Uncle Joe, who was our barbeque chef, that reflects the several names he's known by in our family.

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