Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And we're to 17 days!

In a week, I can start obsessively checking the weather! :)

Recap of the to do list:
  • Finish all of the flowers
  • Finish the tossing bouquet - almost there, just need some glue to finish the ribbon part.
  • Stamp all the favors
  • Get the last wedding party gift
  • Get Costco membership
  • Send UJ the headcount
  • Buy all the picnic stuff
  • Get the marriage license
  • Make appointment for nails
  • Make appointment for pictures (after the wedding)

Added to the list are:
  • Write vows
  • Finish figuring out transportation arrangements for the guests who are flying in
  • Print up cards related to the favors and our planned photo site
  • Clean the guest room

I sent an E-mail to Etsy today to see if they're interested in doing a feature on the mostly-handmade, mostly-EtsyRain, super low budget wedding. Fingers crossed. Of course, if they don't want it, I'll find somewhere for it to go. I'm very proud of what I've pulled together (though I'll be more proud when it's all said and done!), and I want to show it off! :)

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