Monday, August 15, 2011

On the road

I'm traveling this week for work, which means I'm not doing any cooking. This means the hubbie is eating meals out of boxes all week (well, at least I put together normal lunches for him), and I'm eating a wide variety of hotel and restaurant food. Not necessarily the best thing for either of us, though I'm trying to be a little conscious of what I'm eating.

So far, not too good. I've had bacon in my past three meals. :) Due to a delayed flight out of Seattle, I got stuck in Phoenix overnight. I ate lunch at the airport in Seattle, figuring I would grab some dinner on the way to my second flight. But then there were the delays, and I didn't want to leave the gate to grab something to eat when the plane was finally ready. I got to Phoenix 3 hours late, grabbed the shuttle to the hotel that the airline was putting me up in, and then went straight to the hotel restaurant for a VERY late dinner. I was hoping for some good Mexican or southwestern food, since I am in the southwest. Not so much. Well, there was avocado on my sandwich, at least.

At any rate, I should be off to Kansas City sometime later today, where I will probably avoid barbeque (I got pretty sick of it when I was in KC about half of the summer a couple of years ago). My sister and her family are taking me to a Venezuelan place tomorrow night, so that will be exciting! :) Other than that, I'm anticipating lots of Panera Bread and deli sandwiches. It's like I know my co-workers!

Chili Pepper photograph from Mistflower Photo

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