Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Donuts! Hot fresh NOW!

So I am quickly learning that this eating healthy on the road is much trickier than it looks. Especially when you go to dinner with your sister and her kids. Because if said sister sees a Krispy Kreme near your hotel, she just might decide that it sounds like a good idea for dessert.

It was fun, though, because the kids wanted to see how the donuts were made, and I guess I've never paid enough attention in a Krispy Kreme before, or the ones I've been to are more stealthy about their donut production. But we got to see the whole thing. Donuts being conveyed down to oil, flipped over, cooled briefly, and then doused through a fountain of glaze. And of course, the magical sign was lit up, so our donuts were HOT! (Or, as my sister and I kept saying, "Hot Fresh NOW!", because that's what the sign at the Krispy Kreme near my apartment says.)

I'd never actually had a Krispy Kreme hot before. Warmed up in the microwave is NOT the same. It seriously just melted in my mouth. And was delicious. And I was good, and only had the one. Though it was really tempting to have another one. :)

Delicious Donuts Shower Art from Ugly Baby

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