Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ah, Pirates!

I realized tonight that apparently I can't get enough of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. We went to see the fourth movie (On Stranger Tides) last month, and a day or two later, I rewatched the third movie (At World's End). Tonight, I flipped on the TV in my hotel, and discovered that they were showing At World's End on SyFy, so I had to watch.

Mostly, it's on as background noise for now. I have a REALLY hard time watching anything when I don't have yarn and a crochet hook in hand. And oddly, I don't often bring my crochet with me on trips, mostly because I'd have to fill most of my backpack with different colors of yarn to have enough projects to keep me busy. :)

There's other things I could be doing tonight. Reading more books (I've gotten through five already this week, which means I only have two left for my flights home tomorrow) or writing some stories (I've got three partially done stories that I should be working on) would be better options. But Pirates sucks me in every time. :)

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