Monday, August 29, 2011

Media consumption!

I've managed to watch a bit more stuff lately than I normally do, so here's a couple of notes on those things.

1) Tangled: Yes, the Disney movie. It was pretty good, but it's just NOT a Disney movie like the ones that came out when I was a teenager. Songs from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast still stick with me. I think that maybe if I was willing to watch Tangled a few more times, I might get some of those songs stuck in my head more, but I doubt I'd watch the movie again. It wasn't at all bad, it was just not quite what I hoped for. Though it was PRETTY. :)

2) Doctor Who: In anticipation of the newest episode, I went back and watched "A Good Man Goes to War" (which I keep wanting to call "Demons Run") and "The Doctor's Wife." The weird thing about watching these two in that order was that I caught something in "The Doctor's Wife" that I had dismissed the first time I heard it, but that made a whole lot more sense right on the heels of the later episode. This got me thinking that maybe I should watch the first half of season 6 in reverse order to see if there's more of that... because River's timeline is backwards in comparison to the Doctor's... hmmm. :)

Anyway, like I said, this was in anticipation of "Let's Kill Hitler," which turned out to be maddening and lovely all at the same time. Only five more episodes left this season, which seems far too short for my liking! (And yeah, 13 episodes is normal, but it just REALLY seems short this season.)

3) Buffy: We're up to season 3 of Buffy currently, about halfway through. And I've discovered that I can't pick up anything that Joss Whedon has a hand in presently as I will stumble across more spoilers. This time, it was an issue of the Dollhouse comic, which talked about what was going on in terms of Buffy "season 9," which is a forthcoming comic (they already did season 8 as comics). As it turns out, it wasn't a TV show spoiler, but a season 8 spoiler. Nonetheless, ugh.

4) Captain America: We finally made it out to see Captain America last weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It still breaks my brain a little that Johnny Storm is playing Cap now. I might like Cap as much as I disliked Johnny. :) And the trailer for the Avengers movie, though quite vague, still makes me excited to see it! :)

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