Monday, February 27, 2012

Sekrit project done!

I knuckled down and finished my sekrit project on Saturday! (And no, you still can't see it. I can't show it to you until April 2nd, at the earliest!) This means I'm back to making the usual stuff for my Etsy shop for at least a little while. Which is nice, because I found out today that I'm going back to longer commutes for a while... probably a few months.

Projects for the immediate future? A couple more coffee mug cozies and a hat or two. Then I'll start on the longer arm warmers and maybe leg warmers. I've got Decapitated Dollies and rose hair accessories in the works as well, but those aren't as easy to work on while busing, because they involve stuffing or sewing (or both). And while I'm fine with my hooks and large needles on the bus, tiny thread needles are just begging to be dropped in the semi-twilight of the bus.

I'm also trying to figure out how to handle the pattern that I wrote up while I was working on the sekrit project. Unfortunately, there's one REALLY complicated portion that I kinda had to make up as I went. But I think that there are parts of the pattern that can be turned into something similar, so that might work out alright. :)

P.S. Longer commute also means not in my office, which means less posting here. :(

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Take care old friend. :)