Friday, May 18, 2012

Crocheted Wedding Flowers

Yesterday, the lovely ladies at This Charming Candy mentioned that you could find their lollipops on a site called Shop Then Wed, so I popped over there to see what it was about. It's a lovely site, some handmade and some commercial, where brides (and grooms) can find things that they might want to buy for their wedding. I liked this idea, so I contacted the site owner to find out about getting listed there as well!

And now Scary White Girl Designs can be found at Shop Then Wed. You'll find crocheted roses in the bridal hair accessories, flower girl, and decorations sections. But the crocheted roses can also be made into boutineers for the guys or corsages for the mothers. They could be in bouquets or as centerpieces. Really, they can pretty much be used for anything you can think of! (At my wedding they were only on the bouquet fans and in the tossing bouquet, but I thought about adding a couple to my dress or hat! I just ran out of time with all of the other wedding prep!)

If you're interested in crocheted flowers for your wedding, check out some of what I've done in the past at Shop Then Wed or Scary White Girl Designs, and let me know what you're looking for!

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silk flowers said...

Great job! That looks so cute!