Monday, March 18, 2002

Okay, okay, okay... I'll work on the Morgan story... since I finally figured out how to make it work right! :) It should be interesting... at the moment, there are two possible endings to it... and I haven't decided which one I should use just yet... :)

But, of course, that will be after I finish getting stuff ready for my Changeling chronicle. Well, I suppose it could be called a Changeling-related chronicle. I'm using most of the game mechanics from the Changeling system, with a good chunk of the background story left intact. However, I'm setting my game in "London Below," which is a part of London that Neil Gaiman invented in his book, Neverwhere, which was also a BBC miniseries. There are parts of the mechanics that simply won't work in this alternate setting, and the background story has been altered and supplemented with the ideas from the book and miniseries. It's certainly going to be interesting!

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