Thursday, March 21, 2002

It's been really hectic at work this week, which cuts down on my prime blogging time... :) Hopefully by the time I leave today, however, the book that I've been working on for what seems like an eternity will be off my desk, and I won't have to worry about it ever again... or at least for a week or so... :)

I got my players to make their characters for my Changeling-esque game last night. We've got a Nocker and a Satyr so far, with a possible third (probably Eshu) to come. I like it so far, and I keep coming up with more kewl ideas about why certain things are the way that they are... now, I just need a name for the chronicle... and while "The Pimp Daddy Skillet Experience" is certainly appealing as a chronicle name, I don't think I'm gonna go with that... just preempting your suggestion, Seth... :)

In other really good news, I get to play in the Changeling LARP this Friday, because the nice STs decided to have game on a Friday! Now if I can only convince them to have it on 2nd and 4th Fridays all the time, I'll actually get to play on a regular basis! :)

This does mean, however, that I don't get to see Blade II on opening night... ah well, I think I'll live. We might get a bunch of people together to see it Saturday or Sunday during the day instead... I am kinda leery about going to see it, cuz I'm not sure if it will be good or not. I liked the first Blade so much, I'm just afraid of what they might do in this second one... so maybe I'll wait and hear some reviews from other people who like Vampire stuff... :)

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